miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

 The Wednesday session

In United States Donald Trump continues raising tension between the inhabitants with the rapprochement with Russia. In addition, the senators do not agree with the tax rebate that the president want to implant. The stock market of USA closed the session with mixed symbols, the Dow Jones lost 0,01 percent and the S&P 500 0,07 percent, however the NASDAQ index increased 0,33 percent.

Today, the data of the weekly oil reserves will be published. Nowadays this is a very important publication because it provides a high volatility to the oil and therefore, his affects to the stock markets.

About the Asian markets, the Nikkei index in Tokyo, finished with losses of 0,53 percent. The Kospi index in South Korea, finished today with a setback of 0,01 percent.

In Europe, there was not to much variations in the last session. The high improvement of the Euro with respect the dollar has been supported by an increment of the economic confidence in Germany, the stable growth in the Euro zone and the inflation rebound of United Kingdom. The European stock markets, finished the last session in boom, the DAX index in Germany, closed with an increment of 0,22 percent and the FTSE index in London increased an 0,91 percent.

The opening of the European market is supposed to be bearish because of two main reasons. The first one is the decrement of the oil due to the inventories data from the American Institute of oil, and the second reason, and the most important is the new Trump scandal. After all, the Europe trend is bullish.

In the European session, the macroeconomic data that must be into account are the unemployment data of UK and the inflation data of the Euro zone, that it is supposed to increase 0,4 percent.  

The EUR/USD increased 1,02 percent, it got 1,1087. On the other hand the USD/JPY decreased 0,67 percent, it got 113,02. The GBP/USD increased 0,19 percent, it got 1,2917. The increment of the Euro caused the currency EUR/USD to be maximized in this year. 

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